Bulletins and the Hope Fellowship Sun

Did you miss a Sunday or have you been travelling?  Interested in keeping in touch with things happening at the church?  While we will be updating this site with some of the information from the Bulletin and Sun each week, electronic copies of the weekly Bulletins and bi-weekly Sun newsletter are also available on request from the office.

To have a copy of a particular week's Bulletin or Sun emailed to you, please contact Evelyn at the office.  Recurring requests for a month - or a season - can also be set up.

Recent Bulletin and Sun copies are also available at the office or at the Information Centre.

     Our Bulletin is distributed every Sunday and includes information about the service, ministries available during the service, information on the day's offering, prayer-related updates on our Church Family, a Hopeful Story, Sunday service assignments and a peek at the ministry events happening in the week ahead.  The deadline for the bulletin is Thursday each week at 12:00 noon.

Sun Newsletter
     The Sun is published every 2 weeks and includes a front page Note from the Pastor or a church member, a 2-week calendar of events, news items, upcoming Ministry and Community eventsopportunities to serve in various Hope Fellowship and community ministries, a Classifieds section and a look at the Sunday service assignments for the next two Sundays.  The deadline for the Sun is noon on the Wednesday before publication.


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