Donating to Hope Fellowship Church

We are glad to offer a few different ways to support the vision and mission of our church through financial donations.  As a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, we are able to issue receipts which can be used to offset your income tax!  If you provide us with your name and address, we will assign you a giving number (also known as an envelope number) that can be used to track your giving throughout the year.  In January or February we will total up your donations and issue an official tax receipt.

To provide an electronic option for donations for those who don't carry a lot of cash, we have partnered with Txt2Give to offer text-based and online donations in addition to pre-authorized donations and the use of traditional donations through Sunday offerings

1. Text Giving 

By texting the word 'give' to our church's donation number, 289-274-6871 (SMS) or using the QR code shown here, you can connect to a website that will securely link your mobile number with your debit or credit card.  Once that's set up, you can simply text an amount to our donation number and you won't need to enter your card number each time.

We've also set up Keywords that you can use to make donating even simpler.  By using a code and your donation amount, you can donate with just one text!

The Keywords are

  • "budget" for the General Fund/Budget,
  • "building" for the Building Fund and 
  • "cause" for the weekly cause listed in the bulletin for the Sunday service (active from the Tuesday before the service to the Monday after the service).  

With a Keyword and amount, such as texting "budget 25" to our donation number, your donation will registered! You'll just need to confirm the donation with a "y".  

Click here for more details.

2. Online Giving 

Through the same service, Txt2Give, we also have the ability donate through a web page which also uses your mobile phone number to log in.  Our donation page is available here and it will allow you to enter your information for either a one-time donation or as a recurring donation.  You can also select the weekly cause, the building fund or the budget to direct your donation.

A separate page that does not involve your cell/text number will be coming soon.

Important Note: Both Text Giving and Online Giving allow you to donate using a debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo or a credit card (all types).  There is a cost to the church for these transactions (generally 1-3%) however you will be receipted for the full amount you donate. 

Hope Fellowship is also registered with CanadaHelps, if you would prefer to donate using that service.

3. Pre Authorized Debit (HopePAD)

We continue to offer the option to set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account by completing a HopePAD form and submitting it to the office or placing in the Treasurer mail slot.  This is a low cost way to automate your donations and allow the church to plan for consistent donations throughout the year.

4. Offering Envelopes

A familiar way to donate to the church for years, you are always welcome to donate using cash or cheque by putting your donation in a white or blue envelope and placing it in the offering on Sundays.  If you're not able to attend on Sunday, you can drop your donation off at the church during business hours and it will be forwarded to the Counting Committee.

The White envelope can be used for the weekly cause, the Building Fund or other causes and the Blue envelope can be used for donations to the General Fund/Budget that supports Hope Fellowship's ministries.

Please note that bills placed in the envelopes do not even need to be folded!

If you don't require a tax receipt, bills and coins can simply be put into the offering on Sunday mornings!



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