Group Life

Our Vision

To connect people relationally in groups for the purpose of bringing people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ and extending care to each other in order to glorify God, build up the body of Christ, and make disciples of all nations.

Community at Hope Fellowship is encouraged to emerge spontaneously.  We offer a variety of small group settings that provide a healthy place of belonging, caring, and growth.   We are always looking for new hosts and/or leaders to provide a place for discipleship and learning.  Contact our connections zone coordinator with your suggestions.

Groups include:

Study groups:

Men, Women, Young Couples, Adults (married or single), Seasoned Souls, Sermon App

Special Interest Groups:

New Members Classes, Celebrate Recovery - Men's Step Study, Men's Study Group, Rubber Stamping

Recreational Groups:

Run/Walk with Hope, Hope Peddlers,  Women's Softball, Men's Hockey, Skate Club, Yoga with a Christ Centered Approach


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