Within each of our lives there is a story being told. One with the potential to transform a life!


Each week a member of the church takes the time to share a story about how Hope is being shared in their life or in the lives of members of our community.   Please check out the Hopeful Stories on our blog for weekly updates.

Hopeful Story, June 2, 2019

  Who doesn’t love an ice cream sundae? What a great way to start off a meeting—deciding on what kind of fruit, what extra toppings, how much whipped cream to add and a chance to chat with others in the room. It was a great start to the meeting of Life Group Leaders, Life Group Team and Pastoral Care Elders.

  Once the ice was broken and the ice cream consumed, we had an opportunity to talk about how “no one doing life alone” could look at Hope Fellowship. Pastor Dale led us through a discussion on doing life together, which included some great ideas and discussion by all involved.

  Following that, we heard from Paul Smith about the Celebrate Recovery Program and how it works and what it might look like to offer this program to the people of Hope Fellowship. Paul is very passionate about this ministry and very open about how it has impacted his life.

  Those who came to the meeting felt supported, encouraged, and built up. We learned about some resources that could help us help others. We shared concerns, we prayed together. We left knowing each other a little bit better and a feeling a little bit more connected. 

  About half of the people who lead Life Groups were able to make this meeting, along with the Life Groups Team and the Pastoral Care Elders. It would be amazing if we could get ALL the leaders together next time! So when the email invitation comes from the Life Group Team, make plans to come.

  If you are looking for a way to connect at Hope Fellowship, contact the Life Group Team to help you find a Life Group. It is the hope and prayer of the Life Group Team and the Pastoral Care Elders that everyone who is part of Hope Fellowship finds community. A Life Group is a great place to start! Contact the Life Group Team ( to get started.

- Evelyn