Missionaries bring the love and message of Christ to people around the world in various ways.

We provide financial support for three career missionaries:

Sheila Dykstra is a member of our church who works with teachers in West Africa who wish to implement Christian teaching into their classrooms. She helps with the development of curriculum as well as educating teachers so that they can better help the children to apply what they’re learning to their lives, instead of just reciting words that hold no real meaning for them.

Visit Sheila's blog at http://www.sheiladykstra.blogspot.com 
or browse through a compilation of updates we've received from her.

John and Marian Vandermeer
live in the Congo along with their children. John works for Wycliffe Bible Translators as a technical liaison. Translating the Word into tribal languages requires computer and internet capabilities. John has had to be very resourceful when trying to repair satellite dishes and other technological gadgets where there is no hardware store for hundreds of miles.  Find their updates here..

We also encourage our members to take part in mission trips. 




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