New Members Class - Membership and Ministry

Hope Fellowship is always willing to provide more information to anyone interested in learning  
about having a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  We regularly host classes that walk people
through the Christian faith and give you a bit more information about the Christian Reformed
Church and Hope Fellowship.  

While this class is designed to prepare someone for Public Profession of Faith, taking this step is in no way
required by those taking the class.

Membership and Ministry Spring 2017

Welcome to Membership and Ministry at Hope Fellowship!

This four week class will help you gain insights into the history of HOPE and why we feel the way we
do about the importance of BELIEVING in Jesus, BELONGING to God's family, and BLESSING every

Wed May 3: Our Church History (Brian Bylsma)
Wed May 10: Belong (Pastor Dale Melenberg)
Wed May 17: Believe (Pastor Dale Melenberg)
Wed May 24: Bless (Pastor Dale Melenberg)
(Wed nights are from 7 - 8:30 pm at the church)
Thurs May 25: Meet with Elders (for those intending to publically profess their faith)
Sunday May 28: Stand Up Sunday (where individuals will be invited to profess their faith)

If you would like more information or would like to sign up, please contact:
Brian Bylsma, Interim Ministry Director at
Evelyn Oudyk, Office Administrator at 


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