Our Offerings

Each Sunday, as part of our morning worship services, we invite those attending to participate in an offering of finances in addition to praise and prayer.  The deacons of the church select a cause each week from the community or from the denominational ministries that we support.

If you are a visitor, you are welcome to participate by giving of the financial resources that you have been blessed with.  You are also welcome to simply reflect on the offering or pray a blessing on the monies that are collected.  If you would like to participate and would like to receive a tax receipt for your gift, please put your gift in an envelope distributed with the bulletin, check Today's Cause, and write in your name and address.  If you attend regularly, you can request an Envelope Number so that you can simply write your number on the envelope each week.

All of the loose monies collected and those designated for Today's Cause on the envelope will be forwarded to that cause.  The envelopes can also be used to designate gifts to the church's operating budget or the Building Fund (currently applied to our mortgage).

You can also take a look at our Donations page for more information on how to give.


Below are the causes we support with an offering each year:


Hope Fellowship Ministries:
- Deacon's Fund
- Hope/Zion Food Bank
- Sheila Dykstra (Missionary in West Africa with World Missions)
- Vision Offering for Hope Fellowship Ministries

Local Organizations/Ministries:
- Pregnancy Help Centre
- Gate 3:16 (Outreach ministry in downtown Oshawa)
- The Refuge Outreach Centre in Oshawa
- Shalem Mental Health Network (Ontario)
- Local Christian Schools (Immanuel Christian School, Knox Christian School and Durham Christian High School)

Christian Reformed Church Denominational Ministries:
- World Renew (Hurricane Relief, Canadian Foodgrains Bank)
- Youth Unlimited
- Deaconal Ministries Canada
- OneBook
- Race Relations
- Redemeer University College (Ancaster, ON)
- Calvin Seminary
- Calvin College
- Home Missions
- GEMS (Girls Ministry)
- Operation Manna
- World Missions (including Gary and Gayla Timmermans in Russia)
- Back to God Ministries
- Aboriginal Ministries
- Pastor - Church Relations
- Safe Church
- Disability Concerns


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