Vision for our Future

Believing that God has called us to make His name known in the Durham region, we at Hope Fellowship CRC envision:

  • A growing church
  • Facilities and staff to support growing numbers
  • A vibrant youth program that welcomes and nurtures young people throughout the region
  • Small groups that embrace all participants
  • Dynamic and culturally relevant worship
  • All participants using their discerned spiritual gifts in areas of ministry in the church

Strategic Plan

Hope Fellowship is in the process of revising our Strategic Plan to support our ongoing ministries.  Our previous plan incorporated ministry planning from 2008 through 2010 and we hope to have a new Plan posted shortly.

Property Visioning

When we selected our current location for our church (the former South Courtice Public School) we approached the owners of the land immediately south of us to see if we could purchase a few acres to build our sanctuary.  The owners indicated that they were willing to sell 20 acres to us as they only wanted to retain a small portion of the land for themselves.  We have since used approximately 3 of those acres to build our current building and parking lot.

The remaining 17 acres is now part of an ongoing visioning process as we strive to find the most appropriate and stewardly way to use this gift that we have been entrusted with.  In addition to a Property Visioning Team that prepared a report in 2010, we have since added to our property through the purchase of the house at 1711 Bloor St. We do not have any specific plans yet for this land but this purchase has given us some more flexibility as it provides alternate road access to the bulk of the property.

In the meantime, we have arranged for Hope Field, a community soccer field, immediately south of our parking lot and we are also hosting a cell phone tower as our property was determined to be a better fit as compared to the planned residential area just north of Bloor St.



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