Current Sermon Series

Pastor Dale Melenberg: BLESS

Jan 8: Be in Conversation with God, Daily (Audio)
May 28: Learn to Follow Jesus and Obey His Teachings (Audio, Sermon Notes)
June 4: Eat with Friends and Strangers
June 11: Share the Resources God has Given You (Audio, Sermon Notes)
June 18: Speak Encouragement to the Lives of Others (Audio, Sermon Notes)

Past Series:

God Series, Kevin Makins

  • God the Creator (Audio)
  • God the Son (Audio)
  • God the Holy Spirit (Audio)
  • The Trinity and the Church (Audio)

Philippians "My" Series, Pastor Peter Slofstra

Hot Potatoes, Pastor Peter Slofstra

Were You There - Lent 2016, Pastor Peter Slofstra

If These Things Could Talk, Pastor Peter Slofstra

  • I Am the Net He Needs to Catch Others (AudioNotes)
  • I Am the House He Called Home (AudioNotes)
  • I Am the Lamp He Wants to Keep Lit (AudioNotes
  • I Am the Water He Turned into Wine (AudioNotes)

Five Flawed but Faithful Women in the Genealogy of Jesus (Advent 2015), Pastor Peter Slofstra

  • How God Used Tamar to Bring the Messiah (Audio, Notes)
  • How God Used Rahab to Bring the Messiah (Audio, Notes)
  • Christmas Eve Service (not available)
  • How God Used Ruth to Bring the Messiah (Audio, Notes)
  • How God Used Bathsheba to Bring the Messiah (Audio, Notes)

Laughter Series, Pastor Peter Slofstra

Power of... Series, Pastor Peter Slofstra

Jonah, Pastor Peter Slofstra

What the Bible has to say about Friendship, Marriage and Parenting (Spring 2015), Pastor Peter Slofstra

Giving It Up (Lent 2015), Pastor Peter Slofstra 

Aha Moments About Jesus (Epiphany), Pastor Peter Slofstra


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