Skate Club

A positive social alternative for skateboarders in grade 7 and up.

Each week, participants get together to skateboard for and hour and a half and have a brief discussion about God.

These street sessions involve a mini-ramp, rails and fun boxes

At some point in the evening there is a ten minute 'God talk'.  David is a level headed leader who relates well with teens because he shares their passion for boarding.  Whether you skateboard or not, feel free to come and check it out!

To find out more:
Call the church (905) 571-6004
Or e-mail David

Skate Club also hosts several events through the season such as annual skateboard competitions, road trips to skateboard parks, and barbeques.

Skate Club is associated with Skatelife.  This organisation has been building community in Canada’s skateboarding scene for the last 15 years, through weekly skate clubs, skate contests, summer and winter skate camps and service trips to help skaters in low-income communities in Canada and around the world.  In the midst of a growing skateboarding industry and subculture, Skatelife is reaching out to young people in communities across Canada.  They have a Christian mission to love teenagers in their world and encourage them to know Jesus Christ.  Check it out at or on Youtube.

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